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Our History

In 1973, a young man decided to follow his dream of opening his own business. After years of hard work and perseverance, He opened the doors to a small taco stand style restaurant (referred to as a “Taqueria”) on the south side neighborhood of Chicago, known as “Little Village”. This man is Camerino Gonzalez; his restaurant is Taqueria Los Comales. With the same casual atmosphere of a diner, Camerino, working the grill, served up fresh, hot and delicious “Mexico City Style Tacos, to as many customers as he could fit into his quaint little “taqueria”.

By the late 70’s Los Comales had built a reputation for itself. It was simple. Serve quality food with fast service at an economical price. A reputation that Los Comales prides itself on, today and still continues. During the 80’s, The Los Comales family grew and expanded into the surrounding Chicago land neighborhoods, such as Pilsen and Cicero. Then in the 90’s we realized the demand for fresh, authentic, Mexican food. Los Comales locations began to pop up in several Chicago land suburbs, from as far north as Waukegan and Niles to as far west as Aurora and Melrose Park and south to Joliet, Bridgeview, and Burbank; Also in Wisconsin. We could see the publics’ taste changing; people could recognize and appreciate authentic Mexican food. This is where we flourished.

We recognized this need and began opening additional locations, soon to total 18. Given the ever-growing popularity and demand for our food, we’ve decided to take our chain nationwide. For these reasons, Taqueria Los Comales made a promise, more than 3 decades ago, to its public and that is to serve Fresh, Fast, and Delicious, Authentic Mexican Food. Using our time honored traditions and dedication to satisfaction, we promise to use the finest products and prepare them with care, as if we were serving them in our home. So come in and taste the flavor of Mexico at Taqueria Los Comales.

Our Food

The “specialty” of the house is the “Al Pastor” taco, with our, grilled onions and secret marinade. If you’re not in the mood for Pork, we also offer a variety of other meats, from everyone’s favorites, Bistec, tender skirt steak cut and prepared with our special seasonings then cooked to perfection or Pollo, marinated shredded chicken breast, to the exotic flavors of beef tripe (Tripas), and tongue(Lengua). Los Comales also offers other delicious meat alternatives, such as Steamed Beef (Barbacoa), Flank Steak (Suadero), and Seasoned Strip Beef (Cecina).

Although, delicious plain, we suggest topping them with traditional Mexican taco condiments, Cilantro and Onions and our home-made salsas, prepared fresh daily. And to enhance the flavor of these delicious tacos, nothing would be more traditional than, our fresh curtido (Coor-tee-tho). It’s our special recipe (maintained for over 30 years) of home made pickled carrots, jalapenos, and cauliflower, and prepared using only the freshest produce. All of our tacos are served on soft shell, fresh, hot corn tortillas. But don’t be fooled by their slightly smaller than normal size, tacos should be eaten two, three, even four at a time. That way you can sample more than one kind of meat. The same way you get them from the vendors on the streets of Mexico City.

But were not just about tacos, Sure it’s what made us famous, but we also offer a wide variety of traditional Mexican dishes, such as Tortas (Mexican Sandwiches), Burritos, Gorditas, and mouthwatering platters such as, Beef and Chicken Fajitas, Bistec a la Mexicana (like steak fajitas only hotter), Carne Asada ( a traditional favorite), and one of our bestsellers, el platillo de cecina (Se-see-na).

We even serve breakfast, Huevos a la Mexicana, Huevos Rancheros (for a spicier flare), chilaquiles, and all the regular favorites, such as bacon and eggs, all served with refried beans and rice. And to cool the heat in your mouth, we suggest any one of our thirst quenching refreshments, such as Horchata, (AKA rice water), Tamarindo (tamarind fruit water), and at some locations, Jamaica (pronounced HA-MY-KA).

So come in, taste the flavor of food and enjoy the casual ambiance and attentive servers and you’ll see what’s been the best kept secret in the Hispanic community for over 30 yrs. TAQUERIA LOS COMALES, where our family awaits yours.



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